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Thursday, February 01, 2007
Blog Deleted.
I'm leaving the Isla Vista shoot up for archival purposes - a lot of people still follow links to it. But the rest is gone.
Maybe I'll start fresh sometime, maybe not.

Friday, April 01, 2005
Welcome to the neighborhood.
I wanted to take part in Mister Scarecrow's Ten Pictures of Your Neighborhood Day meme, but I've decided to twist the rules a bit. All pictures were to be taken within five blocks of your neighborhood, or half a mile in rural areas. I live in "unincorporated area" of Santa Barbara, which is nonetheless undeniably urban. Well, okay, no. But definitely suburban. No one who's at all familiar with Isla Vista would ever attempt to claim that it was in the country. I decided to go with the 1/2-mile rule, so All photos will be in the eastern half of IV, since IV is less than one square mile in area. I believe that all pictures were actually taken within a 5-block radius, by which I mean no more than five blocks in any single direction, of a central point, although that point is not my house. You can see a map of roughly where each photo was taken at the end of this entry.
I'm also not gonna adhere to the rules about number of pictures. Sure, that should be enough to disqualify me. Hell, it's not called the "Take As Many Pictures As You Damn Well Please Of Your Neighborhood Day." But I had most of my afternoon free, so I ended up riding around for a few hours, and I took over 130 pictures. Just narrowing it down to 24 was hard enough. I figure that's not so bad, since Mssr. Calamity Jon Morris posted 12 shots and wrote captions twice as long as mine. That balances out to about the same, right? Besides, I make up for my failings in another way - I took every one of these pictures today, which was not technically required. I'll mebbe post some older pictures some other time, because I've got some great ones.
I apologize if the size or quality of the images is less than ideal. I couldn't find hosting for the images that was both free and reliable that would allow me to post them in 8000x600 as I had intended, and I decided that I was more willing to sacrifice quality than to take a hit to my bank account. A few of the ones I liked best can be seen in 8x6 over at Flikr. [Edit: All photos now hosted by Flikr. See the photo set here, so that you can check them out in 800x600.]
Enough talk. Let's get to the pictures.

Thought it was fitting to start at the edge. These are the bluffs which border IV to the south, taken from the beach. The distance from my house to the beach, neighbors, is best measured in feet. I'd say more, but I don't want those of you who live in places with winters or wheat fields to start sobbing.

Likka sto's are a thriving industry in IV, unsurprising for a student ghetto. I believe we've got the maximum number of liquor licenses in town that are allowed by the state Alcohol Control Board.

I've never actually seen anyone studying in this bar.

I passed by as the Deli Mart was getting a new sign installed. The IVDM's run by some of the nicest guys ever, their food is amazing, and they always remember what brand you smoke.
This area, and particularly this street, is what Isla Vistans call our "downtown," although it hardly qualifies as such.

One of the three coffeeshops within a block and a half of each other, including a Starbucks. Java Jones is the oldest of the three and definitely my favorite. The coffee's decent, the folks are friendly,and the place is comfortable and open reasonably late.

The back of Chi Delta Theta, an Asian-interest sorority.

Honestly, there's pretty much no parking at any time anywhere in IV. No available parking, that is.

Bikeway? Who calls it that?

Painted over by one of the housing co-ops. Seems to mean "The Beauty - It Is In The Streets."

Not sure what a Department of the Navy trailer is doing in IV. But the tags are decent.

St. Michael and All Angels Episcopalian Church. The only one of IV's churches that's really aesthetically pleasing, and site of Thursday AA meetings.

Kustom Ink, reminding students that drunken actions can have long-lasting consequences. An IV fixture for over 15 years.

Mural on the Marley House, one of the landmarks on IV's famous Del Playa Drive (DP).

Girl skateboarding in front of the Marley House. Took a lot of photos of her and her two companions, but this one is one of my favorites. It's got a sort of Icarus feeling to it. Also a hint of Christ pose, or mebbe Superman.

Some guys taking advantage of the sunny afternoon to relax on the lawn. Couches are not an indoor-only type of thing around here.

The two buildings on IV which house the IV Reality Church kids. On Saturday nights they serve free burgers and Jesus to DP's drunk, hungry partygoers.

Bottles, and a warning. This town can be hazardous to your health.

I went out of my way to get a shot of this. It's one of my favorite things in IV.

Something seems to have gone wrong.

Hadn't meant to include pictures of my friend's car, but I ran across it in my wanderings.

Windmill in Anisq'Oyo' Park. No one knows how to pronounce it and girls refuse to walk through it in the dark. Still, it's generally considered the heart of IV.

A recently painted mural by Rosarito's, one of IV's four burrito joints. I figured it was easier to take a photo of the mural than to wait and take a picture of the actual sunset.

Students hanging out over a pitcher of beer at Sam's To Go, a sandwich sammich joint.

A few feet away at Java Jones, these folks found a different way to spend the afternoon.

That's the last of them, although I may do an auxiliary set of night shots.
Here's the map I promised up there at the top. [Or see the Flikr annotated satellite image.] Hope you enjoyed this li'l tour.

The end.